On a train again

Published on Oct 30, 2020

I haven't been at the office since March (if we don't count the visit there during Easter weekend to fetch some office furniture for my home office, when there was nobody there). There has been couple of times I have almost went there but changes my mind at the last moment, or something else came up.

I have promised to go and see my colleagues there multiple times. The only reason I could see myself ever going there anymore. Now I finally got myself to actually get up and jump to the train. Haven't even told anyone I'm actually coming today, so they are up for a nice (I hope) surprise.

It's quite different sitting here on the train, half empty cart, everybody wearing masks and keeping distance. Far from the full trains back just a bit over half a year ago. And even the train vas few of carts shorter than back then. Feels just weird. I'm sure for most of the other passengers this is already just normal. I'm sure if I would return back to my normal commute rhythm it would become normal for me fast too. Now, it's still a bit of post-apocalyptic vibes I get from all this.

Seeing everybody is taking this situation seriously there shouldn't be too much risk taking the train to the office every now and then. Maybe I could start going there again more often.