Published on Oct 12, 2020

I've just realized that it's quite probable that Erik will be born when I finish my 30-day writing challenge. It is so close already. Can't wait!

Objectives and Key Results. I will talk about that today. This is a simple method used to set goals. You define your goals by breaking it down into smaller objectives. Every objective then must have 4-5 key results. Key results are metrics that help you track your progress, and measure your success. So I'm thinking about using this method in my writing for Erik's children's book. Hope that it will help with my personal breakthrough.
Most of the time I think our problem is that we don't talk about our goals.
Heck, I don't talk about my goals. I should shout them from the top of the mountain so I would be held accountable by the echoes. Also writing them down and tracking it helps.
As I did with my writing challenge. It helps to keep me motivated. The only thing missing now is the why. I have to find my WHY. If I'll find it and put it together with my determination I'll achieve greatness.