Off to an island

Published on Jul 20, 2020

Today, I'm off to an island on the lake of Zurich.

It's not far but I hope that it will be far enough,

away from all the worries.

Worries about family, friends, money, business, workload, peace of mind, my body, home etc have been consuming me in the last few days and weeks.

I know that being away from the worries is not about physical distance but about emotional distance.

Peace of mind is not connected to a place. 

But I hope being on the island will help to leave worries behind and attain peace of mind.

I wanna be away, but still connected to the internet, so I can keep up my writing streak in the next days. ;)

I wanna disconnect from tasks. Go offline. But I wanna keep on writing, for writing helps me to reflect, digest and attain peace of mind. 

I hope there is internet. If not, f*** the streak. I have my macbook or a paper notebook and a pen and can write anyway. It's not about the streak. The streak is just a walking stick but I don't need it to walk. It's about the daily practice. 

How are you #teamstreak dealing with remote vacation where you might not have internet?