October Review

Published on Nov 1, 2020

Another another month of 2021 is gone.

Things are getting exciting now that we have 2 months to go for a new year. This is my October review.

The good:

Health - This has been pretty good. Variables are less and less. More consistency and predictability means everything is better. A lot more progress made in this section that I intend to continue with.

Sleep - Also much better. Though I am still not at the uninterrupted - long hours of deep sleep like I had earlier this year, it has generally improved over the last few months. 

Skills - This past month, I have been taking Python classes - provided by Google on Coursera. It is a tough course compared to other classes I have taken but I am getting a good grip over the language. I am hoping to wrap it all up in the next few days.

Finance - Very happy with that. I am saving a lot more and adjusting to the idea of using this quarantine time to save even more and be minimalist with how I spend my money. If I continue at this pace, I will have accomplished my financial goal for this year comfortably.

Social Innovation Company - I have been working towards understanding and shaping the type of social innovation company that I want to build. I have had a chance to work with a few different groups that are helping me understand how and what needs to be done. I learnt a lot about how things are done with institutions of this nature. I am beginning to realize what problem I want to fix and how to go about it. I have created my company name, logo, website and mission. This feels good.

To improve:

Clutter: Due to the confined nature of our lives these past 8 months and the fact that this will not change for another 6 months, I find that it is a great opportunity to clear clutter. It is amazing how much clarity COVID19 has brought to me in terms of my association with material possessions. I have been thinking about getting rid of things that I don't need. I hope to get to it in November.

Walking - I did a good job of walking a lot in the beginning of October because the weather was beautiful. But the last week or so - it got really cold and the urge to walk was not there. Walking is the best way to keep myself active and listen to books. I need to find a creative way to get back to that even if the winter makes that difficult.

Interviews - One lesson I learnt from the book by Scott Adams was to keep practicing things that would help to have as a skill. One of the examples he gave was doing mock interviews. Scott talks about doing these often so that it isn't intimidating or difficult to do when the time comes. I have not done a good job with that and hope to engage in November. 

Last 2 months of the year left. Excited with the things to come before 2021.