Nutty November

Published on Nov 2, 2020

It's been a normal and easy past few months, and I feel ready to take things up a notch and get nuttier on my work, even as I continue to live by the themes from the past months (like following my energy in Oct).  

Sustain and take it higher

  • Now that I'd completed #100daysofcode, what next? I may have stop counting my streak, but will keep coding everyday, and start to lay down the hours for my products while continuing to have fun. A few days backend, a few days frontend? How do I share my #decodingcoding journey more publicly?
  • Switching my daily writing to mid-day feels like a better balance lifestyle-wise, so I will continue with that. That also means I can try to sleep even earlier.
  • Building on my 3 x tiny workouts in the day, by doing more body stretches

Start anew

  • I'd been procrastinating about launching a few things like my social impact patronage and custom Carrd side biz, so in the spirit of going nutty, I'll just launch them this month and see what happens.
  • Talking about launching my social impact patronage, I want to get started thinking about what it means to scale my social impact work, why it matters, how to involve patrons and what to do.
  • I'm starting something nutty for Keto List - an IG account posting keto-related memes. Why? Because it's fun! Not sure how it will help Keto List but this is one project where I feel like I can do anything that suits my personality and style. 

Stop - stuff I should stop doing

  • Being too sedentary at home. COVID had totally changed me from someone who must go out every day, to being too couch-potato comfortable at home. Going out more, working outside for a day, and taking walks/runs.

Screw normal. Go nutty.