Notion get Web Clipper

Published on Feb 1, 2019

I just find out Notion release the web clipper feature, one of the long-awaited feature for the advanced user. I mention before Notion needs 3 feature for me to switch.

  • Bookmarklet /Web Clipper, so that I can bookmark/save any interesting URL.
  • API support, so that  Notion can integrate with other services.
  • Calendar feed, provided iCal feed for calendar view so that I can view in on my Google Calendar.

All these features are why Trello better then Notion for now. But Notion is good for long content, customize layouts for the different content purpose. For now, I still trying out my workflow on Notion and don't think will switch soon, but once the other 2 feature is out, I will mostly say goodbye to Trello.

How does the Web Clipper perform on Notion compare to Trello? What Trello does is just save the URL and image that represent the site. Notion web clipper saves the content as well, it saves the page content without those ads or messy style, something like an Instapaper style.

It might not able to replace Trello for me now, but it might just replace Instapaper for me. One more interesting thing is it seems like now day there are trends to use Notion as product roadmap. There are people that using Trello as a roadmap and mess up by some visitor and lots of other people recommend to switch over to Notion.