Notes: Rework, Jason Fried

Published on Jul 1, 2019


1. The new reality

"Today anyone can be in business". Rework is a book for anyone, but not for everyone. It's designed for people wanting to start or running a business, independently of your financial, social, geographical, or professional situation.


1. Ignore the real world

The real world is a toxic place where dreams are slaughtered by those who are too coward to try. Somebody else's reality doesn't have to be yours, so define your own reality with your own existence and ignore the rest.

2. Learning from mistakes is overrated

Failing for the sake of it is not okay. Iterate over what works: success compounds.

3. Planning is guessing

Don't plan, always be improvising. Reality can only be predicted on a short or extremely long term.

4. Why grow?

Your company size is a vanity metric. Growing increases business complexity, and going leaner down the road is even harder. Stay small as long as it remains sustainable.

5. Workaholism

Working too much is getting less things done. Always go deep or go out.

6. Enough with "entrepreneurs"

Being an entrepreneur is now at anyone's reach, the term doesn't mean anything anymore.


1. Make a dent in the universe

Greatness originates from purpose. Make something that improves someone else's life with what you already have.

2. Scratch your own itch

Make something you'd use yourself. Developing a profitable business takes years, you don't want to spend them doing things you don't want to do.

3. Start making something

Ideas are worthless, execution is everything.

4. No time is no excuse

There is always time to use differently to serve a purpose dear to you. It doesn't have to be a lot, just spend time wisely and it will eventually compounds.

5. Draw a line in the sand

Never forget your why. Share your stands openly to attract the right people and make the right choices.

6. Mission statement impossible

Always align your acts and objectives with your mission statement. Empty words are worth nothing.

7. Outside money is Plan Z

Raising money is giving up control and focus. Quality and sustainability should always come first.

8. You need less than you think

Stay lean, stay frugal. Learn to act fast with limited means.

9. Start a business, not a startup

"Actual businesses worry about profit from day one."

10. Building to flip is building to flop

Don't look for exits, commit and focus on your customers. It's not a stepping stone, it's your life's work.

11. Less mass

The heavier you are, the harder it is to move. Always make sure you can act fast.