Noom and MyFitnessPal

Published on Aug 25, 2020

There are a lot of different apps to help people with losing weight or just getting into better shape. These apps cover a range of prices and levels of guidance. Noom is on the more expensive, more guided end of that scale, while MyFitnessPal is on the cheaper, less guided end.

Noom really guides you through the whole weight loss process. It provides a lot of structure and support. The app gives a lot of encouragement. Noom is more like an all around health improvement assistant than just a tool for counting calories. In Noom, tracking calories is just one of 5–8 tasks you get every day. You are supposed to weigh yourself and track your food every day, and there are a few other things to read and sometimes quizzes to take. All the tasks show up in the same place, in Noom’s primary screen.

MyFitnessPal is simpler. MyFitnessPal is meant to be more of a quick calorie counting tool. MyFitnessPal has a home tab with articles, and a separate tab for tracking calories. I quickly got into the habit of always going directly to the tracking page.

Noom can feel like too much, too much work, too much of a commitment. On the plus side, Noom is always there for you. It gives you all the advice and support you need each day.

If you are already somewhat far along in your fitness journey, Noom might feel annoying with all of its reminders and advice and encouragement. MyFitnessPal might be a better fit if you feel that you know what you’re doing, you just need a tool to make it a little easier. One could start with Noom, then graduate to MyFitnessPal after internalizing Noom’s lessons.