NO to that, YES to my priorities

Published on Sep 28, 2020

A few days ago, I got asked to be a judge for a prestigious award, pro bono. I felt honoured and happy that they asked me. At the same time, I felt stressed because it doesn't align with my priorities at the moment. Then, I thought I should be grateful to get this opportunity. Maybe it would be good for my business in some way? But how? Fear of missing out came up. With time it became clear that it's a fight between my rational voice and my heart: 

My heart craves time and space to create and to experiment. It doesn't want to overcommit. 

Every time I say YES to something that doesn't align, I say NO to my priorities. 

This means I say NO to having space to create, to building up my business that leads to profit in the long-term. 

If I had unlimited time, of course I'd do it. But we don't have unlimited time. 

So I said NO to that opportunity and YES to having time for my priorities. 

As a recovering people pleaser who loves new opportunities, that's one of the hardest lessons I've learnt as an entrepreneur: to say NO. 

What have you said NO to lately?