No professional books

Published on Aug 4, 2019

Today, it hit me that I've never read professional books except for textbooks.

I like reading,  novels, best-sellers, and self-taught programming are in my kindle.

But hundreds of pages related to transportation or mobility (my major) never came into my mind.

Now I'm sitting in the office, there are books about ArcGIS, Python, and others of how to use the software, but no "transport" in the titles. (Of course, there are a few translated textbooks with my professor's name on the cover. )

I realized that all these years, we have never been encouraged to read books for understanding our research.

In our group chatting, endless news is popular papers, new tools, and hot social media blogs, no one shares books.

I used to think I was the first-class student, I search, read, write and code by myself, all teachers are satisfied with me.

What a shame!

Reading a book has never been a choice for learning, more specifically, for publishing a paper.

Since I stuck with my paper, I spend two hours on this afternoon enjoying  Mobilities and Inequality, and Mobilities: New Perspectives on Transport and Society.

It's the first time I realize my true interest is transport and society.

Ironically,  everyone was asked by the professor to answer "what's your research interest" in May.

No one could answer it clearly but they submitted a word to pass. For me, I didn't know so I left it blank.

"The professor doesn't care the answer, his purpose is to make sure everyone is writing the paper under his control. Why it bothers you?" my classmate persuaded me to avoid being blamed.

I knew it's not a professor's duty to tell his student how to find her research interest, and it's not a student's duty to really understand what she is studying, because everyone keeps silent of  "there is no academic research at all."

I just don't want to fool myself.