Published on Oct 11, 2020

This is how I like to start MVPs and businesses around it these days – by taking a no-biz approach. (You first heard that here) 

I don't even have a landing page up. Not even pinned down a business model and process. Just following an instinct, that this productized service might be useful and something people might want to pay for. 

I wrote about the Custom Carrd Co a week back—a productized service business selling custom code snippets for Carrd sites—and it's since taken on a life of its own. My first customer was more enthusiastic about my business than I am. Here's his glowing testimonial when I asked him after I helped him add a custom responsive navbar and accordion dropown FAQs to his website:

Hi Jason,
Thank you so much for all your help and assistance throughout the process. I will definitely like working with you again in the future.
The Carrd platform is amazing but can be a little limiting in some aspects. It was great that I could let you know what my needs are and that you made it happen in a blink of an eye. Thank you so much for that.
My recommendation for you will be strong and will work with you again. I also believe that you have a great thing going and will make a huge success of it!
- Aldert Allie Booysen,

Then I asked AJ, the founder of Carrd, for his blessing, and he did! He suggested it might not have to be limited to just Carrd too, which was a brilliant point and an expansion plan I never thought about yet. 

As you can see, I'm only half as enthusiastic as my customer and half as visionary as my fellow entrepreneur. But there seems to be an opportunity here worth exploring, and I'm not diving into it, just having fun, relaxed and seeing how it goes. I don't usually do it like that.

It's a bit counter-intuitive to the hustle game that so many entrepreneurs are taught. You have to fight and work hard and stick to it. Get to a billion users. But these days, this half-excited, half forward-looking openness to things seem to work better. I'm not grasping too tight , not trying too hard. Just going with the flow of things as they unfold. And taking action at just the opportune moment, not more, not less. There's a quiet sort of contentment in this way of being. 

I wonder if this is how Opportune October is going to pan out...either way, glad for it.