New space

Published on Oct 6, 2020

I'm starting the last quarter of the year with a new space and with an extra boost of optimism for what's ahead. This entire year have been just a bag of uncertainty and big changes, both for myself and for people around me, but it has also taught me how to respond to the uncertainty that always looms in the distance for anyone and everyone, regardless of how planned out you think your future is. 

One of the things I'm most excited about my new space is the books. I have a fair share of books, some I've collected over the years of living in New York, but most are collected from others: since it's a metropolitan city that people often find themselves coming in & out of it, books tend to be one of the first things they leave behind and I've been inheriting a lot of them all along the way. Recently, my girlfriend's brother decided to move back to Taiwan at least for the next few years and he left us with at least 7 boxes of books. What this means is that for the first time in my life I will be able to actually fill out an entire wall of books with the majority of them I would not have read yet and I just can't wait to dive into them one by one. 

In this new space, I hope to continue to be lifetime learner, but I would also like to use the opportunity to start creating more content. I have always wanted to create some Youtube videos so I may start creating some tutorial of how I created my no-code projects and hope someone can learn from it.

This year may have been more than just a curve ball, but I'm still ready to bat it out of the park and run my bases.