New iPad

Published on Nov 20, 2020

The iPad Air I ordered a couple of weeks back finally arrived today. Obviously, I have to write these lines on it. I also ordered a Magic Keyboard with it, so I don‘t rely on the OnScreen Keyboard.

Interestingly the Keyboard also has Backlight built-in, just like the keyboards of the Macbooks. Although that will hurt the battery performance of the iPad itself, it is still a great benefit when I will be writing on the balcony and it gets dark suddenly.

But all that shiny new stuff has a high price. The iPad Air (256GB) alone cost 819€, the MagicKeyboard added another 339€.

So there goes my Christmas money. But on the other side, I know this new iPad will be with me at least three or four years. Also, I will get a good bag of money back when I sell my old iPad (Generation 5).