New Car

Published on Feb 7, 2020

Today, we get our new car. An arctic white Mazda 2 - or to be precise (and apparently ALL-CAPS) as per the market comparison websites: 2020 MAZDA 2 GT SPORT NAV 90 1496CC Petrol 5DR Manual.

We picked it up from the garage today. It's a fresh new drive. So smooth. It's always weird driving a new car.

We're most excited about the minor gadgets; reversing camera, heating seats, heating steering wheel, even heated side mirrors! It has a built is Sat-Nav and a cool heads-up display. We need to try out cruise control  - we've never had that before.


Tuesday, we handed our old car over to We Buy Any Car. As the adverts say, they generally give you a lower price than you can get, but due to our previous problem, we needed a quick sale. We got more than enough to pay off our outstanding debt with a little extra in our back pocket.

We thought we were gonna use the extra cash to pay for something in the house, but we might well end up spending it on some extras for the car - insurance wise, car mats, breakdown, etc.

Not sure what the final outcome has been yet, but we have saved quite a lot of money really.