Published on Jun 15, 2019

When today started, I was just a regular person who knows how to code and design. Now I am a regular person who knows a bunch of more cool stuff. Today I was invited to the beta of Figma plugins and it's amazing! I read the docs and understood them for the main part. I would love to make a tutorial on how to make plugins for Figma. I feel like it will be something a lot of people would be interested in and it would be great to explain everything thoroughly for beginners. 

Also now I know that TypeScript is a great programming language. It's JavaScript, but better — with explicit typing. You don't need to think about whether the createRectangle function returns a rectangle object or adds it to the canvas because TypeScript tells you what it returns. I'm really happy that I got my hands on TypeScript, now I probably will be writing better code faster.

Today I finished making a T-shirt with a logo that I started making yesterday. I learned three lessons from the process today: 

  1. You need to detach the stencil sticker before the paint is dry.
  2. The stencil should have smaller edges as it's very hard to detach.
  3. The first layer of paint could be thinner, and the second one thicker. Maybe even add a third one for less texture.