My First Ted Talk

Published on Nov 8, 2020

It was a first for me this week. Earlier this year, on Twitter, a sport - blog website was looking for help. It is my favorite hockey team. They were looking for writers, but that is not my expertise. On the site, there was no Google Analytics tracking implemented. After talking to the founder and offering my expertise, everything was implemented. (Google Analytics, Google Search Console)  

 What is impressive is the site's founder, a college sophomore, has a business plan and passion. Once the reporting was built out in Google Data Studio, it created forward momentum and a compound effect. In July, the site ranked 10th on Google Organic search. With the data in an actional format, the articles were optimized for organic search.  

This week, speaking with the founder to find out that his team was delivering on their assignments, he is doing most of the work. Listening to the situation, I gave him my business expertise because I see the potential. There was a lack of structure and process that needed to be implemented. He asked me to join the team call Thursday night and talk to the team about potential and commitment.

Using some modern-day insight to shape the discussion, the 20 college students on the call needed to realize that what they do now by writing for this site will only help them in the future. I stressed the importance of staying relevant in a world where everything changes at the speed of light. The last point is in the real world; if you have a deadline, you must meet it.  

Here is the text I received from the site's founder. 

"Thank you so so so much for coming to speak with Neil! Everyone learned a lot, and I think it galvanized us all. "