My first Product Hunt launch

Published on Sep 11, 2020

I launched my first product on Product Hunt today. It's not much of a "product" really, more so just a little hack that I wanted to get out the door because I have a bad habit of not seeing projects through the finish line.

In fact, about 3 weeks ago I tweeted that I would send $5 to everyone who liked the tweet if I hadn't launched something on PH by now. I ended up being a couple days late due to waiting on Chrome Web Store approval for my Chrome extension, but the fact of the matter is that putting social pressure on myself to build something made me build something. There's something really interesting about that.

I read in Hell Yeah or No by Derek Sivers that if people aren't doing the things that they say they want to do, they don't actually want to do them. There's some truth to that—if you really want to do something you'll run through walls to get it done. I've had my fair share of moments like that. But sometimes things just get in the way—mostly myself. By attracting some more eyeballs to what I was working on, it made me do something about it.

On the other hand, there's really no reason to set arbitrary deadlines like that on myself. If I just make incremental progress every day that should be enough.