My First Blog

Published on Aug 2, 2020

I published my first blog in middle school. Back then, the French radio station based in Paris known as Skyrock had released a blog engine called Skyblog, and it was all the rage. 

It was before Facebook became mainstream. Skyblog enabled you to publish blogs for free, personalize the theme of your website, and receive comments from readers. 

The goal, of course, was to receive as many comments as possible. We would exchange comments with friends and use our free time to ask for comments on the Internet Relay Chat channels offered by Skyrock. In a sense, it was my first time "marketing" my online creations.

My blog wasn't particularly interesting. I remember publishing pictures of Naruto characters and concepts, and describing them. Or funny videos I found online. 

It was kind of cringe to be honest. I stumbled upon the blog again while I was in college, and found it absolutely awful. I facepalmed so hard I decided to file a claim to Skyrock to remove this atrocity from the Internet.

Looking back, I should have taken some screenshots of the beast. To remind myself of my modest beginnings as a "content creator", but also to have a good laugh. I learned a lot from the experience, and it eventually lead me to join role-play game forums, which brought me to the world of software development.