My Bio?

Published on Jan 6, 2019

Hello, My Name is Rio, Alexander Rio. Today is my fourth day on 200wordsaday and so I am excited about telling about my biography so I hope you enjoy reading my bio! I am turning 11 this year, making me a young writer in 200wordsaday. I live at my home at Pulau Pinang, a small but famous island off the coast of Western Malaysia. I am studying at St.Christopher's International Primary School, in the Pulau Tikus area. I am also a past member of my school's FOBISIA team, where I competed in sport competition against different schools coming all around Asia. My ambition is to master full-stack developing ( which I am studying now from my coding teachers, Telebort) and also become an author. I love reading and writing stories whenever I feel like to, I also have an interest in technology and devices. My favourite books are Mortal Engines, The Heroes Of Olympus and Pokemon Comics. I also love writing codes on Javascript and making games and animations on Scratch. I am also a friend of Gene Lim (@wernminlim), a 39-day streaker on 200wordsaday.

I hoped you enjoyed reading my bio and I hope you can read tomorrow's story!