My Biggest Fear Is Rejection

Published on Apr 11, 2019

Some people handle rejection well and others who do not handle it well. Times dealing with rejection is easy, and other times it can be emotionally, and mentally devastating. I am someone who does not handle it well. Granted as I have gotten older and wiser, it does get easier.

From a business perspective when a client does not respond to a proposal, or they do not like the estimates provided, I do not take it personally. Working in the Digital Marketing Web Analytics space, you hear too many stories of consultants or agencies who did not provide the service the client agreed to. The approach I use is to listen first and offer solutions at a reasonable cost and give clients value adds based on the scope of the work. There are times clients feel it should take less time and money and reject the proposal. The mindset is that if they do not like it fine, because there is always someone else seeking my services.

From a personal standpoint, after my last relationship that rejection was harsh. After dating someone for a year and ready to go out and celebrate Valentines Day, and being told on the phone, "I am ending the relationship because I feel it is not progressing." Hearing that blindsided me because there was no indication she was unhappy. At first, I sat there and blamed myself but once I took some time to reflect I was the rebound guy.

Professional rejection can be a gut punch. It is a lost art to treat someone with professionalism and respect. One case I had gone at two rounds of interviews and turned down client work because the impression I had that the job offer was coming. After the second email to human resources to be told they selected another candidate and then the next day have two different recruiters call you about the job it hurts. Ironically over the next few years, other recruiters would contact me about the job only to find out no one ever lasted long in the role.

Right now I am waiting to hear about a position I interviewed for a few weeks ago. Everything about the company and role aligns with what I love to do. Tomorrow I am following up again because there are some decisions I need to make soon. The ounce of rejection sits in the back of my mind, but I have to push through.

A close friend of mine who is a mindset mentor put rejection in perspective for me. "...the only rejection is the rejection of self. There is either for you or not for rejection."