My App - Part 2

Published on Aug 27, 2020

This is a continuation of my post from 2 days ago about countdown helping me execute.

I have decided to make a functional app that will help people to do the thing that took me over a few weeks if not months to quantify...and this time, it will be data based information and decision making.

I have outlined what steps I tool in the form of a written code planning format and posted it yesterday.

Next, I took those steps and make some sketches on paper. Brainstormed with a few people in my life and make some changes to the design - on paper.

Next I open a google presentation file. And I designed what the app will look like. Using slides, I laid out what the flow will be like. Going to those level of details makes things clearer. I also realized that it isn't an easy process to just design without any code. You have to think like a customer and simplify ruthlessly.

So now I have a very clear picture of how my app will flow.
I played around what the name of the app can be. Amazingly, it is getting harder to find simple words in the .com domain. So I went another language route. A few creative ideas later, I got my domain.

So I bought the domain, finished my design on paper and on slides and next is to code the idea.

5 days left to bring this to life.
Stay tuned.