Music Videos / Love Relationship / Disputes

Published on Sep 1, 2020

Back in the day, there was nothing. Then there was the radio and after that television came along. I wonder who came up with the idea to stream music via television and more importantly thought it might be a good idea to produce special videos: "music videos"?

While I am writing these lines I'm listening to Amaranthe's "Burn with me". Besides the great vocals, two of the band members deliver a story. Reading through the lyrics and thinking about them, the theme is similar to Nickelback's "Someday".

If you didn't watch both videos, don't read on, I'm gonna spoil you! Watch them and then come back. :)





Somehow drama and especially love drama sells perfectly. In both videos, car accidents happen and obviously one part of a couple has to die while the other lives on.

Since I said love drama, there has to be a large dispute before everything.

The question that arises is, how far is this off from reality? How many times did you shout at somebody just to realize your mistake later on? How often did you drive off in anger?

In one of the many paramedic training I had, I heard that the emotional state makes a huge difference when driving. I can't remember any numbers, but I think it was a little bit shocking, how much of a difference it can be between "angry" driving and "relaxed" driving.

Our unconsciousness has a large influence on us even if we can't grasp it (Hint: it is called unconsciousness for a reason). So the next time you argue with someone, don't drive off. Stay alive!