Published on Oct 15, 2020

After these few days and the news that there might be something wrong with Erik, my motivation is dwindling. I have to keep my motivation or this will end badly.
Whatever happens, I'm sure it will affect me. But I have to think of a way to deal with all this. I have to find my strength. My strength to go forward. To find meaning even if it's true. Joy.
But it's not all lost yet. We still have a week until the test.
On the other hand, I have to keep my writing up. I think it helps me.
I love waking up, eating my breakfast, and making a coffee, and when I'm finished sitting down at my desk and starting writing. Writing about my feelings, my thoughts. It helps clear my mind, focus, and prepare for what lies ahead. It is important to be realistic.
It is important to have goals that can be achieved and the most important thing is to have a WHY. a WHY for everything you do. Because many times we do not have a why, or we do things for the wrong reasons and that's what bullshitters do. And I'm not a bullshitter!