Most of life is boring

Published on Aug 23, 2020

Most things we do are routine. We wake up. Shower. Eat. Poop. Take out the trash. Do the things that we need to do.

That isn't inherently bad. There is only so much time each day that you can spend on creative endeavors (personally I have a few hours max). Ideally, I imagine spending the rest of that time with the people I love—friends, family, eventually kids.

I'm not sure what a futuristic world would look like, where all of those boring things have been automated away. How would people spend all that time? I don't buy it that everyone would instantly be happier. Most struggles in life are actually figuring out how to convert free time into meaning (something a lot of people struggle with, as evidence by how much time is spent on social media, video streaming, etc.)

I think it's empowering to have those boring, routine things to do. It makes you be really selective with how you spend the other hours in your day. Constraints are important. If you have a house to tend to, people to care for, etc., you have to find out how to get more output out of your decreased creative time. I find that often makes the output higher quality.