Published on Sep 1, 2020

Right now I just browsing through my old photos and editing them for some t-shirts designs. Sometimes I use the whole picture sometimes just a part. I go back in time and listing through my amazing days in Toronto, Mexico, Bali, Iceland and so. It's super nostalgic. Starting with my trip to Canada began probably the best two years of my life. I haven't realized that but as I can see all the pics it was simply amazing.

I have seen so many interesting places, met different kinds of people from all over the world. I have been there alone but it was pushing me far away out of my comfort zone. All the memories just keep popping into my mind, all the stories. I can even remember the time before the trip. I was so nervous and to be honest, there was a plan that I am gonna be back home in weeks ... in the end, I was traveling almost for two years. I am so happy I could make it and go for that amazing journey. 

Ok, let's keep my past in my heart (it will always be there) and focus on the present is important as well. :)


Stay with me. Efran