Published on Aug 25, 2020

As I was in the newsletters a lot I lost interest pretty fast. It's not just about my own newsletter (I haven't sent out anything in two weeks) but also newsletters I am subscribed to. Slowly unsubscribing from almost everything. It's not that about the content but I am just super lazy to go through it even though it can be interesting sometimes. Subscribe to a random newsletter that feels like an impossible challenge. I would say it's better to connect it to your personality and your fame. I get hooked much more.  

Anyway, I keep doing my designs. I did two music-related designs recently. I read somewhere that if you edit some photos of your favorite artist and used it as a fanart it still can be used but I am not very sure about it, it's definitely a grey zone. I will see. It's fun on Youtube no one of POD YouTubers showing their POD stores. People simply copy everything so they are worried. Maybe if you focus instead on the creation and design part (with youtube following potential) and not really care about the earnings from POD it can work.  Who knows...


Stay with me. Efran.