Published on Aug 18, 2020

A late post. I did go boxing (I am destroyed) and before I was kinda busy to write. I was designing for almost the whole day. 

Even though I started with random idea I made a pretty good design for today. Maybe the best so far. Nice and clean with a simple message. I wish I could have more ideas like this. I also uploaded some of my premade designs from my drawing challenge. These designs are with a lot of imperfections but it looks cool on some products so why not use it. A little bit of childish art never hurt anyone. 

I need to think about the designs a little bit more, use SEO and so. I would like to use this experiment for my youtube channel and make some videos about it but I guess without any sales it's not gonna be that interesting. It's still just the beginning I would like to have there at least 30 designs and after that, I can make some conclusions...


OK, let's watch a Europen league and then go to bed. There is almost every night a good soccer match. I really like it, haha. 


Stay with me. Efran.