Mind, body and soul

Published on Oct 12, 2020

If you could choose, what kind of a mind, body and soul would you like to have?

I saw this the other day in James Clear's newsletter:

Entrepreneur’s mind.
Athlete’s body.
Artist’s soul.

When I read it, immediately I thought, "Oh I want that!" Perhaps the instant reaction is an indication that the deep wish is already residing within me, just never expressed so succinctly and accurately.

Entrepreneur's mind because I really enjoy being resourceful and opportunistic, making something out of seemingly nothing. Successful entrepreneurs fly by the seat of their pants, adapts and responds to emergent opportunities, and strives to gain from chaos, i.e. anti-fragile. 

Athlete's body was something I always had from my teens till early twenties as a was a sports kind of student. Highly energy, full of vitality and vigor. I remembered enjoying a hard workout on the body, and feeling the sweet accomplishment of the aching muscles the next day. But work and life stages took that away, and now my aim is to get back to my twenties physically, by a mix of diet, exercise, sleep and purpose.

Artist's soul. I think having an artist's sensibility is difficult in this hardened world. Everything compels one to be efficient, economic and logical. Being heart-broken over social injustices, caring for strangers whom you don't even know. Or even extending that care to inanimate objects. And finding creative ways with words, pixels or paint to express all those emotions, thoughts, feelings out into the world to judge and see. That's hard. It's complex. But it's rich. 

So yes...... Entrepreneur's mind. Athlete's body. Artist's soul.