Microsoft FlightSimluator - Day 1

Published on Sep 3, 2020

@brandonwilson suggested I should try VR and Flight Simulator. Sadly my computer isn't good enough to do both. 

Anyway, after I got home from work today, I fired up MSFS 2020 as it finished downloading sometime in the night. After some various settings that need to be done, I was ready to get into the cockpit.

After a few hours of flying, I can say the graphics are way better than the once in X-Plane 11 which I used before.

The live weather puts in another form of a challenge I wasn't faced with before. I also found out that the simulator integrates checklists for the default planes, which means I can cold start all of them with a little help.

More than a year back I could start a Boing 747 completely on my own. Maybe it is time to get back on it?

I also activated my FSEconomy account again. FSEconomy basically provides a little bit of economy simulation around flying. You can rent or buy an aircraft and transport people or cargo around to earn money.

While I'm wiring this I'm about 30 nautical miles away from Ibiza, Spain. I will land there in a few minutes and then I will call it a day. What a great and relaxing experience it is again to fly around, even if it's only virtually.