Meaning of Life

Published on Jun 19, 2019

I came to the conclusion "know thyself" is both the way to live and the meaning of life. The how and the why.

My existence is centered on learning about myself: my place in the universe, what makes me human, what are my strengths and my weaknesses, what makes my DNA so unique. Only by exposing myself to new experiences can I know what's best for me, then act upon it accordingly and deliberately.

Alignment between who I am and what I do is what I define as happiness.

It can be linked to the Japanese term "ikigai", the "reason for being". It is believed ikigai originates from the intersection between what you do with passion, what is useful to others, and what you can earn a living from.

My question is: can we truly define what is ikigai or not with objectivity?

I'm not sure passion is innate. You can probably develop a passion for anything you work on, as long as you keep digging deeper.

What is useful for others is relative as well. You can be a consultant, be useful to a company while remaining foreign to people with different interests.

Similarly, the border between what is monetizable and what isn't remains blurred. The Internet makes anything possible when it comes to your career.

The lesson here is we should probably stop over-thinking to live more instead.