Published on Sep 14, 2020

AKA Micro Management is getting ridiculous by the day.

In a world of remote jobs and increased automation, the level of control that most managers are trying to get to is disgusting.

I recently heard that Amazon gives its employees something like a wrist watch or band that monitors every single movement they do. That will help Amazon keep track of exactly what the employees are doing and how actively they are making Jeff Bezos richer by the second.

Similarly - a lot of companies are offering Fitbit watches for a large discount while also motivating the walking challenges. I see that as permission to hand over our health data - heart rate, level of activity and sleep information to people that may decide to use it to make decisions that may not be in our favor.

And then there are jobs where the rate at which the employee takes a bathroom break is monitored on a report by the hour. I remember my first Kmart job where I had to plead to get more breaks.

These borderline illegal levels of micro management is the worst type of leadership and seems to be more severe in jobs that don't pay well to begin with. The levels of stress that it induces seems to give a power hungry manager an unreasonable levels of satisfaction.

I keep reading about leadership and how leaders should lead by example. Micro management can never be the way to empower anyone to work harder. It is just a finely tuned tool to guilt anyone into feeling inadequate and anxious to work harder.

Sprints, Agile, Scrum, TFS etc etc... are all remixes to get developers into doing more work in less time. And an additional work title for a scrum master/PM to write a report about the level of micro management that is in progress.
Why can't we leave adults to self manage their time and project?