Making time to read more

Published on Oct 7, 2020

I used to read mainly on the subway commute. I used to commute 30 - 40 minutes each way which gave me over an hour of reading time each day and I felt really fulfilled. But ever since I've been homebound and working from home due to the pandemic and working primarily on web products, my focus have been mostly on using my computer and I've noticed a significant dip in the time spent on reading. I often feel like reading fiction is less "productive" than reading non-fiction, but when I don't even have time to read even non-fiction books, I feel like I've completely abandoned the side of me that find enjoyment in reading. 

When I look at priorities, I still see so many things I want to do and learn even on the daily basis. I want to continue my #WeeklyNoCode projects to learn how to build digital products without using code, I also want to be better at playing the piano, and watch more movies. I've beginning to find it harder than ever to fit everything I want to do in a single day's worth of work and enjoyment. 

In order for me to find time to read, I simply need to mentally prioritize it more than the other things I'm doing. I want to spend time reading non-fiction, to continuously gain knowledge and learn while also finding time to read fiction so I can still hold on to the youthful magic that only beautiful fictional stories can provide.