Making for fun

Published on Jul 10, 2020

I've always put off making stuff because I don't think it's useful.

I'm moving away from that thinking.

It doesn't matter if it's useful. It's fun to build. It build experience. You can experiment with different things.

Just build.

I'm building a few things now;

  • Picture copy - upload a picture and let people copy your pose.
  • Birthday records - the original idea was to record birthday and work anniversaries, but is developing into a full CRM
  • My productivity app - I posted about this the other day

The goal isn't necessarily to make a ground breaking new app that turns over millions in revenue. The goal is to learn, progress and develop.

I want to learn some more things - Action Cable, Testing and improving background jobs.

I need to add an idea that uses Action Cable and background jobs. I need to be concious of testing - being intentional with writing tests for things I add.

More to come!