Maker Logs - Day 662

Published on Sep 6, 2020

September 4, 2020


  • Collection page - Each collection has its own webpage
    Migrated the PHP logic of the collection page to NodeJS. Each collection has its own profile with a paginated grid of its published articles.
  • Added email service to send emails
    Installed and configured AWS SDK, then coded a service to be used in the app to send transactional emails.
  • Emails - Coded email layout template
    Coded an email layout template in React to be consumed by AWS SES. It includes Cowriters' branding, the company address, an unsubscribe link,  and inline styles.
  • Emails - Coded the template of the registration email
    Writing HTML for email is a tad difficult because you need to inline your CSS rules, unlike in modern web browsers, so I had to write the HTML and transform all TailwindCSS classes to inline CSS.


  • Published maker review of September 3
  • Wrote "Dealing With Spams"

Total tasks: 6