Maker Logs - Day 658

Published on Sep 2, 2020

August 31, 2020


  • Added search feature to Homepage
    A user can now search for articles by keyword from within the homepage. The search function is debounced and uses full-text MySQL search indexes for increased speed. Each search match is highlighted.
  • Migrated the registration page to NodeJS
    I migrated the code of the registration page to the new stack and added Recaptcha v3 support.


  • Wrote "Learning to Juggle Responsibilities"
  • Published maker review of August 30 


  • Added 4 new hooks to the DIY squat rack
    I used trestles to do bench press until now, but it wasn't very practical. I just added 4 new hooks to the squat rack I built 3 months ago to rest the bar. 2 for the starting position, and 2 others at chest level as a safety net. It was free, quick to make, and solid enough for this type of exercise.

Total tasks: 5