Maker Logs - Day 655/656

Published on Aug 31, 2020


  • Rewrote the TextVersion/User services with KnexJS.
    I was writing raw MySQL queries so far but they are getting too complex to manage. I don't want to use an ORM to perform optimal requests, so I decided to use a query builder suggested by a member of Cowriters instead. I'm rewriting each SCRUD function as I encounter them.
  • Installed and configured react-alert to display a message when a user deletes a text.
  • Migrate the PHP logic of the Settings page to NodeJS and rewrite the React components to use the coding standards. Just kept on porting my PHP code to NodeJS and improving it along the way.
  • Worked on new logo: with the new website, Cowriters changes its name one last time to better fit its mission and values. I started working on a new logo and sketched four ideas. I need to give it some time to improve each concept and pick one, but I have the core elements.
  • Wrote my daily maker review
  • Wrote "Daily Content Creation Pipeline"
  • Started reading The Artist's Way


Took the day off to attend a funeral but published a scheduled post. 

  • Wrote "Individual, Local, Global"
  • Read more of The Artist's Way

Total tasks: 9