Maker Logs - Day 653

Published on Aug 28, 2020


  • I migrated the PHP logic of the text editor (models, controllers) to NodeJS and rewrote the React components to use React Hooks instead of the traditional Oriented-Object Programming design. It makes the code easier to read and build upon.
  • I had to rewrite the debounced autosave feature to use the useCallback hook, or it wouldn't work otherwise.
  • I rewrote the extraction phase of the data migration process to use a remote MySQL connection I configured instead of a local JSON file. It increases the speed of the import process (no need to log in phpmyadmin and export the data manually as a JSON file), doesn't overwhelm the database management system with queries, and makes it easier to recover if a download error were to happen (the file is 300Mb and my Internet connection is slow).
  • I broke down the database requests by table and by group of 2,000 rows. Each request is staged locally in a JSON file to be transformed and loaded in the target database.


  • Wrote "Database Migration With ETL" 
  • Wrote my daily log

Total tasks: 6

Mood: Good

Improvement Points: Need to find some time some day to make this little ETL process a fully-configurable script I can use in other projects.