Maker Logs - Day 651

Published on Aug 26, 2020

  • I finished summarizing Everybody Writes and published it to Sipreads. 
  • I spent an hour going to the mall to buy headphones and a USB hub because my earphones broke.
  • I worked on Cowriters' dashboard. The drafts and articles are requested by an asynchronous API call on the client-side, which decreases the load on the server and the network while giving a basis to implement offline storage later on.
  • I wrote about my experience as a freelance writer and why I don't plan to continue.

Task completed: 4

Mood: Stressed. The bugs that occurred when I tried to publish Sipreads' new summary ruined my plans for the day and I didn't work on Cowriters as much as I'd wish. Only 16 days left for everything to be perfect for the launch. I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with my family to calm down and rest.

Improvement Points: Nextjs is slow to compile. I couldn't figure out how to start the development server and ended up using the production build. A bug occurred when I tried to git push the new content. Ali added me later to the list of owners for the Github repository and it fixed it. I need to find some time to exercise to reduce my stress levels.