Maker Logs - Day 649

Published on Aug 24, 2020

I started the day writing about how I plan to use my Makerlog entries to write a second daily blog post. It will not only help me write more, but also better communicate what I'm doing to my users.

I then kept working on the new Cowriters web app.

I finished working on the homepage design and moved on to the login page. The logic had already been implemented a few days ago, but I added security features: a Recaptcha mechanism to protect the Forgotten Password form from being spammed by bots, and a token mechanism to protect the login form against Cross-site request forgery attacks (an attack where a third-party impersonates a user to perform malicious actions in his stead). 

I also migrated the PHP code I wrote for the dashboard (where the user can see her articles, drafts, and collections) to NodeJS.

I ended the workday by extracting the outline of the Everybody Writes book to start summarizing it. I added the related folders to Sipreads' Github repository and picked a picture from my Instagram to use as the main illustration. 

Tasks completed: 5

Mood: Good. 

Improvement point: I felt tired after 8 PM so I decided to watch A Fistful of Dollars with my family and went to bed early instead of starting the summary of Everybody Writes. But the day went smoothly without any technical issue and it's Saturday, so I took my evening to rest.