Make Up Your Mind, Colorado!

Published on May 20, 2019

Rain, snow, sun ... Rain, snow, sun ... Rain, snow sun ... ?, ?, ? ...

We're only a few weeks out from summer and yet the weather here in Boulder has been so insanely erratic. Coming from Aus, I never thought I'd see this much snow for my first "real" winter. It's kind of charming but it's also really odd.

Perhaps it's got more to do with the altitude and proximity to the Rocky Mountains than anything else. When air reaches the mountain, it rises because the mountains are in the way. As the air rises, it cools, and because cool air can carry less moisture than warm air, there is usually precipitation (rain / snow).

So yeah, that makes sense to me ... But it's definitely not my preferred climate. Give me sunshine, ocean and tropical heat any time of the day ☀️??‍♂️.

Just last weekend my wife and I went hiking up around Brainard Lake, about 30-40 minutes out of Boulder. It's an absolutely stunning recreational area full of wildlife and crystal clear lakes. I can't wait to go back in the summer because even now it's still two or three feet deep in snow. We were horribly under prepared for our "hike", needless to say we still had a lot of fun trudging through the snow!

Colorado is a beautiful place and a outdoor lover's paradise. Despite the crazy weather here in Boulder, I'd still recommend coming any time of year! There's always something to do.