Maintenance Mode and Growth Mode

Published on Jul 31, 2020

Since I use Hey, I've resubscribed to a couple of newsletters. I feel less obligated to read them or conciously waste time deleting them for no gain.

In James Clear's latest newsletter, he asks:

Which areas of my life are in maintenance mode? Which areas are in growth mode?

With the transition from standard employment, a few things have been put into maintenance mode while other things have been forced to grow.

Likewise, due to the COVID situation, certain things have been forced into maintenance mode.

Some things I'm improving lately:

  • Exercising - I'm doing a 28 day challenge with my partner
  • Education - I'm listening to more podcasts again and I'm taking some time to read more, mostly articles right now but books are on the agenda too.
  • Finance - This has been important lately. I'm about to send my biggest invoice ever today.

I'm also adding some combinations.

  • I'm exercising and getting educated by going on a walk while I listen to a podcast.
  • I'm working on my finances while getting educated by learning about Stocks, Investments and Sales.

I just need a finance and exercise combination to complete the set.