Looking To Fail

Published on Apr 13, 2020

Currently, if you are in a leadership position, there is no playbook for dealing with a global pandemic.  It is a teachable moment in business.  Large corporations are getting out there and creating the right image of caring about their employees and customers.  Employees who are making incredible personal sacrifices are being compensated more, and corporations are publicly letting their customers know they are taking every safety precaution to protect them.  Your local small businesses that are open have signs out and messages on their websites that they are open for business. Please support your local small businesses.  

One large corporation is failing its community, and it is @eBay.  Its strength has been a community of sellers and small businesses. Their strategy during this time is a failure. On social media, a sneaker bracket contest does not drive traffic to the platform.  Are people looking to purchase sneakers right now?  Early on 50K in free listings if you are a store owner.  If you cannot go and source, how can you list products for sale?    

The simple strategy is getting media time, and let the world know that eBay is open for business.  The company can afford to do it, considering its fee revenue.  Instead, @eBay leadership is failing to seize an opportunity.