Lockdown City

Published on Mar 8, 2020

Recently been writing in Scrivener rather than straight into this site's text editor like I had for nearly all of 2019, and like I am right now. 

Writing into a seperate editor shifts my perspective. It makes the writing feel less rushed and I can just write to write. And often I'll type up multiple pages only to realize that only one paragraph is needed to represent the whole of it. And because I have it inside a seperate editor I don't mind the waste. In fact it doesn't feel like waste at all.

I noticed myself feeling rushed to post when I write directly onto here. That's why I hope that in the future there will be a SASS version of Scrivener. I think this site could be that if there was a focus on writing and editing vs posting. We'll see what the future holds for cowriters.app, but I've got a lockdown as to how I like writing now.