Published on Sep 11, 2020

I started to take LikedIn seriously the last month or so. I had previously slapped it together as facebook remix product. Though I had an account for years - just like my FB account - it was more of an annoyance than anything.

Since I have worked for the same company for a while, a lot of spammers figured out my work email - using the first initial + last name formula to try and sell something or the other. So few years ago, I logged in and changed my last name to my middle name. Spam reduced dramatically.

That was the extent of my attention to Linkedin.
Now - 2020, I have a new found respect for the platform. I actually researched the stock price in order to invest in the company. Turns out Microsoft took them off the stock market a few years back. Good move MS.

So here is why my opinion of LinkedIn changed in the last one month:

1. Just like FB, the biggest asset LinkedIn has is data. The resumes, jobs and people's sharing of their thoughts around work and career is worth gold already. 

2. Very related to 1 but LinkedIn is now also a coach. If you are a premier paying member, they will tell you what type of keyword to include in your resume. This is based off of the gems they collected in (1) and the job descriptions. 

3. LinkedIn is also where recruiters and companies do a search to find potential employees. I get more people reaching me through Linkedin for jobs than anywhere else. and all have serious competition.

4. The KEY reason why I think LinkedIn is killing it - is their creating the premier service for their paying members. The most important service being the Lynda learning. I decided to try it free for a month exactly a month ago today. I have learnt so much from the one month and I am convicned that the future of learning is this online video mode. I will continue with the premium membership. I am convinced that all the great features makes the fee worth it.