Life As A Digital Marketing Analyst

Published on Mar 18, 2019

Being born before the internet and learning about marketing as the internet sprung to life and disputed our world two thoughts come to mind, one is logic and business sense. Being an entrepreneur and a freelancer does provide the opportunity to be exposed to many types of business in the online world.

Being a freelancer is a feast or famine business in the digital marketing space but as your reputation grows so does your client base. This weekend I took on two new clients. One has two e-commerce websites and looking for website reporting and analysis. My expertise is in Google Analytics so getting that done is not that difficult. The other is an online e-commerce company looking for a data visualization solution using Google Data Studio.

With any client, it is about asking the right questions because it gives insight on how to shape your analysis or visualization solution. Understanding their business expectations gives critical ideas of what direction that analysis should take. The last thing you want to do is spend time analyzing a data point that does not bring value back to the client.

The Data Visualization client will involve some time because creating that type of reporting is always a collaborative process between myself and the client. It is giving the right look and feel that helps them manage their business. Thankfully the Google Analytics implementation is robust so there are no gaps in the data.

The e-commerce client when looking at his implementation there are gaps in his data reporting so many of his questions cannot be answered. From a reporting and analysis standpoint, the basics can be covered, but there is no e-commerce data. It becomes a gap analysis at the end of the report.

It is only Monday by mindset is excellent because I love what I do.