Lessons, not losses (nor wins)

Published on Nov 15, 2020

Overheard on the Twitterverse today: 

There are only wins or lessons. No losses. ~ @thisiskp_

That's the growth mindset right there. It's easy to feel demoralised when we framed situation in winners versus losers, victories versus defeats. It's all too easy to play this zero sum game. But having a growth mindset means that losses get reframed into lessons. You didn't fail, you just found one way out of many ways that wouldn't work, hence trimming down the universe of what doesn't work and increasing the likelihood that you'll eventually get to something that does work. 

If you think about it, by the same thread, wins aren't really wins either. You found a way that worked today. It might not work tomorrow, or some time in the future. It might have been completely happenstance or circumstantial. You might just be lucky. At best a win is a clue, that you might be on to something big. It's a never-ending iterative process, cycles after cycles of sniffing out clues and iterating, improving, evolving. Life is such – always in the process of becoming.

So, perhaps the original line needs revision?  

There are only lessons. No wins, no losses.