Learning To Juggle Responsibilities

Published on Sep 1, 2020

Our ability to handle stress and distractions is determinant to our growth and well-being: if we have to stop doing what matters to us every time life doesn't go our way, we might never accomplish anything.

We need to get better at switching between cognitive contexts. It implies being able to give closure to an activity to focus on the next one, learning to manage our time efficiently according to our energy levels, and living in the present moment.

Seamlessly switching from one activity to the next is not multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is always counter-productive, no matter how we approach it, while context switching implies deep work. It demands a form of stoicism mixing discipline, mental endurance and strength.

The way we live our daily lives determines how we behave during the fateful moments we all have to face at some point: trauma, grief, death, loss... No matter how hurt we are, we can't afford to stay lethargic. Life goes on no matter what and there are people counting on us. We must endure, like a rock facing the sea. It's not innate: you have to train hard your whole life, and the training never stops. 

More importantly, the training starts today. We cannot shy away from commitments because "we don't feel like it". We must learn to juggle our responsibilities, with strong ethics and cool-headedness. Only then can we illuminate the lives around us.