Labor Day random thoughts

Published on Sep 7, 2020

It is nice to have a day off without obligation. No trips. No vacations somewhere. No plans to be occupied. Just a day off without obligation.

Grocery shopping is great at 6:30 AM. You don't have to deal with as many customers, but you do have to deal with more workers who are on the floor with large carts and boxes stocking shelves.

I'm not sure which is worse, owing someone money or having someone owe you money.

Does anyone else get a song stuck in your head, and the only way to get it unstuck is to actually play the song and somehow "satisfy" it?

How many times do you reuse a glass before you decide to use a clean one?

Everyone keeps complaining about how hot it is outside, but if you stay inside the whole day and keep the AC at 77 degrees F, who cares how hot it is outside?

The physical act of getting into and out of my car has become a test that evaluates the current condition of my hips, muscles, and overall range of motion.

I heard someone refer to a performance review as "outstanding," and I thought it meant that the employee was exemplary but in fact, it meant that the employee's boss was late in completing the review.