Joypreneur Manifesto

Published on Oct 7, 2020

A joypreneur is an entrepreneur, freelancer or business owner that:

  • Knows WHY she/he builds a business, what talents she/he can offer and what drives her/him
  • Sees options to scale but carefully evaluates them in regards to impact on client satisfaction, personal motivation, goals and lifestyle. Says NO to scaling if it diminishes client or personal happiness
  • Sees people who offer something similar as collaborators on the same mission 
  • Takes time to reflect and if necessary change the direction
  • Shares what she/he learns along the way
  • Shows up as her/his true self, admits not knowing it all
  • Sees building a business as an opportunity to grow personally and express oneself
  • Takes time to gain clarity
  • Makes space to be creative
  • Is courageous and trusts the heart
  • Sees herself/himself as a flawed human who shares work in progress and makes mistakes
  • Knows that energy ebbs and flows in phases and cycles and takes time to rest
  • Is conscious about when she/he is in flow, what and who gives rsp sucks out energy and invests it wisely
  • Acknowledges that priorities are changing and embraces uncertainty 
  • Never stops learning

Who's a joypreneur for you?