Journeyman 2021

Published on Nov 11, 2020

I will have a few income sources ready by next Spring, so it will be the perfect moment to consider traveling again. My objective will be to take on the journey that was originally planned last Summer: to tour around the Baltic Sea following the 10th EuroVelo cycling route.

My motives are still the same. I want to study alternative forms of digital nomadism and share them in a book. If we truly were to live like nomads, stoic yet unfettered, how far could we go? That's what I set out to find out through my own experience.

Over the past two months, I discovered I only need about 50Go of data per month to get work done. Perhaps much less. I could simply carry a 4G USB modem and a SIM card, and I'd be able to push words and code from anywhere in the world. No need for an Airbnb, a coffee shop, or a McDonalds' Wi-Fi spot, the road would literally become my office.

I still need to plan more carefully how I will sleep, shower, access electricity, do my laundry, and adapt my workflow, but I've already figured out how I can address the biggest pain points: nothing good equipment and the right mindset can't fix. 

The real challenge will be to make the lifestyle sustainable for a whole month or two. Being homeless for a week isn't particularly hard with the right gear, but living alone like Thoreau is a whole different story. I'll probably alternate between local inns, couch surfing, and wild camping depending on my current mood and the opportunities I'll find.

I intended to take a bus from Paris to Copenhagen and start there, but I'm now considering to take EuroVelo 3, also known as The Pilgrims Route, from my hometown to Kolding in Danemark. It will take longer to arrive in Estonia, but it will also make the journey more interesting since wild camping is technically illegal in France, Germany, and Danemark. It will force me to meet the locals and ask them to set my hammock on their property, which can only lead to good stories and experiences.